DETOX FOR YOUR HAIR!? YES! Have healthy, shiny and luscious Late-Summer locks
(free of buildup) the cruelty free way!

The late Summer sun and day-to-day heat styling is hard enough on the hair and scalp, why not brighten up your hair and treat your scalp without the chemicals or the damage? 

Malibu’s Crystal Gel treatment, available exclusively at Salon Kazumi Beverly Hills, can benefit all hair colors and types, especially if you have been exposed to hard water, pools, spas, or water softeners and oxidizing chemicals that are used to color, highlight, perm, straighten or relax your hair. These things leave your hair dull and compromised ---  and the pores of your scalp clogged.

The Malibu Crystal Gel treatment is like detox for your hair. It Immediately removes layers of “rock” on the hair caused by mineral build-up and it removes most medication build-up as well, leaving your hair fortified with protective proteins that prevent breakage while increasing your hair color’s staying power.


Key Benefits:

  • 100% Vegan, food-grade, wellness ingredients

  • Instantly normalizes pH of hair

  • Rids hair of minerals, medications and other color-blockers

  • Removes discoloration resulting from buildup

  • Great for brightening up hair during summer without use of bleach or harsh chemicals.

  • Brightens blondes

  • Removes muddy tones on brunettes

  • Restores Hair natural brilliance

  • 75$

  • takes only 20-minutes

Great for all hair types and for those who want that subtle pop of brightness restored back to their youthful locks, without hours of sitting in a salon chair or worsening the condition of already comprised hair, the Malibu Crystal Gel treatment is a must have! Call to schedule today!